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Curriculum Corner

LEE & LOW BOOKS is committed to meeting the needs of educators by providing multicultural children's literature that children of color can relate to, and that all children can enjoy.

Helpful Resources for Educators

LEE & LOW BOOKS is committed to meeting the needs of educators by providing award-winning, multicultural books for children.

Welcome to the Curriculum Corner! This section provides educators with a variety of planning resources, such as lesson plans, templates, handouts, reading responses and more! Be sure to stop by regularly as new materials are added frequently.

Appendix B Diversity Supplement

The authors of the Common Core State Standards created a list of text exemplars (called Appendix B) intended as a comparative tool for educators to measure their current libraries against countrywide expectations for rigorous literature and informational text. Our Appendix B Diversity Supplement offers the rigor necessary for academic success and meets the need for texts that all children can identify with and enjoy. This diversity-themed list to Appendix B provides an extensive collection of contemporary authors and characters of color, while meeting the Common Core criteria (complexity, quality, range) at each grade level.

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Our resident literacy expert offers helpful strategies for teachers, educators, and literacy coaches to ensure your students hit their goals as readers.
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LEE & LOW/BEBOP BOOKS Correlation Chart

This chart provides correlations for grade levels and the most common book leveling systems used by teachers. Now includes Lexile Levels.

Guide to Seeking Educational Grants

Find educational grants that will help you secure the necessary resources for your school to purchase books.
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Listservs for Educators

Find educational listservs that will help you stay connected to educators from all over the world.
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Common Core
Planning Resources

Bebop Books now support the new K-5 Common Core State Standards. For every title, rigorous, reading-level appropriate decoding and comprehension questions for both Literature and Informational Text have been provided. Learn more

Common Core State Standards
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