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LEE & LOW's books are a valuable resource for homeschooled children because they depict the world as it is — diverse.

LEE & LOW's books for children are a valuable resource for homeschooled children because they depict the world as it is - diverse. Our books for homeschooling help children learn to accept other cultures, recognize the universality of the themes in our stories, and relate their own experiences to those of people different from themselves. The children's books we offer include realistic fiction, nonfiction, historical fiction, and poetry. In all, our goal is to establish natural connections among people of different races, cultures, and beliefs. We offer Spanish children's books and other children's books introducing different cultures.

Activities for Homeschoolers
by Anastasia Suen
Our activities are designed for use with individuals or small groups of children. The activities are FREE and are most useful when used along with our books. The books for homeschool curriculum may be purchased directly through our Web site or borrowed from your local library.

Latest Activities

Make Sushi at Home
For a great cooking adventure, make your own sushi. Check out the book: Hiromi's Hands

Create a Father's Day card for Dad
For a fun craft project, make the best card Dad has ever received. Check out the book: In Daddy's Arms I Am Tall

More Activities

Diversify Your Homeschool Plan with Vanishing Cultures
by Adrienne Furness
An informative article in which the Vanishing Cultures series by Jan Reynolds serves as an example of the myriad ways in which different cultures' stories can tie into and enrich numerous other subjects. Choosing multicultural books for children can broaden their minds and prepare them for the real world.

Classroom Guides for the Active Learner
Our teacher's guides contain many learning activities and suggestions that can be easily customized for homeschooling settings. Our guides are FREE and are most effective when used in conjunction with our books.

Homeschool Friendly Grants
These grants will help raise funds for your homeschooling needs.

In the News
The themes addressed in our books for children can be related to articles found in news sources from across the world.

Child Story Book Picks

Economics for Children
The economic status of families in the world ranges from very wealthy to extremely poor. These stories show people's enormous capacity for survival and celebrate the steely optimism of the human spirit.

Poetry is a powerful storytelling genre. Through poetry, poets may tell linear stories, depict history, pay tribute to family and regional foods, or define cultural and social traditions. Young people who read our children's picture books will experience the many ways in which poetry evokes special images.

Sports History
Most children love sports and learning about sports heroes. But sports history units often cover only the most well-known athletes, leaving out many important people entirely. Readers may not immediately recognize the names or faces of some of these lesser-known sports pioneers in these books, but their contributions to the sports world were nothing short of amazing.

A parent's natural instinct is to shelter children from the knowledge and effects of war, but unfortunately the world has made it impossible to ignore events beyond our control. These books for children show heroism and acts of kindness that outweigh the tragedies of war, and provide hope that eventually good will prevail.

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