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One of the most gratifying parts of publishing books for children is hearing from the people who read our books and visit our Web site. The staff of Lee & Low Books can't thank you enough for your kind words.

"Each and every one of the books I've had the privileged of reading and sharing with my children from Lee & Low has been incredible. With stunning illustrations and even more moving as well as entertaining stories, they are books that not only the Turkeybird and Littlebug [my children] look forward to, but I do as well."

There's a Book

"I just finished reading this month's online newsletter. Congratulations! Your newsletter is a winner. Just the right mix of stuff to keep me informed and pique my interest. I like the brevity of everything you cover, the points you make, the lists, and, well...just about everything included. The format you've adopted — using boxes — makes it quick and easy to read. Skimming it helps me to identify books I want to highlight in programs and presentations. It's one of my favorite online publisher newsletters and I always look forward to looking at it"

Stephanie Bange, Director, Educational Resource Center, Wright State University

The site is beautiful, and so welcoming to the eye! I'm not much of a blog reader or twitterer (I'd rather spend the time on books) -- but I do like information and graphics. Thanks for taking the trouble to make it a cut above the ordinary site.

Bookety, bookety, bookety,

"As I read your site in its entirety, I want to thank you so much for the information you provide. As a first time author I find your articles to be very informative and extremely helpful. Thank you for thinking about new writers. Thank you for giving unselfishly of your time by providing valuable guidance to those of us whom are still learning. What a delight and great journey for anyone fortunate enough to be a part of Lee and Low family."

Quassan T. Castro

"If you've never done so, check out Lee and Low Books, publishers of multicultural children's books. I love their site, its very easy to maneuver. Once you click on a title of interest, there is an extensive synopsis. As well as interest and reading level. They link to any review and comments. Which I love because its means one less search. Also there is almost always an interview with the author about the book."

Doret, The Happy Nappy Bookseller

"Lee & Low has done a really awesome job sharing other cultures and traditions through their picture book series. If you are looking for some help in introducing different parts of the world with your children, make sure you take a look at what Lee & Low has to offer. I bet you'll find something you like!"

Carrie, Five Minutes for Books


As a teacher in urban settings, and as a mom of two African American sons, I am hugely committed to making sure that my students and my sons see themselves in the books they read. When I started teaching, a million years ago, it was not that easy to find great children's books with multicultural themes. Ten or fifteen years ago, I became familiar with Lee and Low, a publisher specializing in multicultural children's literature, after hearing author Ken Mochizuki (Passage to Freedom and Baseball Saved Us) speak at a conference. Since then, Lee & Low has become one of my favorite publishers; most recently I blogged about Ted and Betsy Lewin's beautiful new book, Horse Song: The Naadam of Mongolia. One of the things I love most about Lee & Low is that they have books featuring people of many, many shapes, colors, and sizes. They also have terrific multicultural poetry collections for children.

Carol, Carol's Corner

"Thanks so much for this informative, educational web site. I learned SO MUCH about publishing, your market and what makes a book special enough to be considered for publication. I am impressed!

Hopefully, I'll have something exquisite to submit someday.

Thanks again. Here's to your continuing success."

Mary Wisbach

"I teach children's literature at Central Washington University and want to give you a big thank you for publishing Ken Mochizuki's books (Baseball Saved Us). Growing up in Washington, I knew a lot about the internment camps and went to school with kids whose parents spent time in the camps. I was so pleased when this topic was addressed for younger generations.

I have used many of your titles in my children's lit classes and am so glad your company is still there making a difference in the types of books that are available for children. Keep up the great work."

Dr. Gail Goss
Professor of Education, Central Washington University

"I am an American living in Paris and recently I found a book at the American Library in Paris published by your company. The name of the book was In Daddy's Arms I Am Tall. I found it because it was on a special book holder and it begged to be opened. Wow! The illustrations and story in this book were just fabulous! I checked out your Web site and I was really impressed with the kinds of books you do. Thanks for being there!"

Lindsay Mathews

"I am contacting you because I accessed the Lee & Low Books Web site for the first time today. It definitely is the most outstanding site for children's writers I have visited thus far. Thank you so much for making my exploration an informative, enjoyable experience. Roses to you and your staff!"


Mary S.

"I have been perusing publishers' Web pages which I found listed by the Children's Book Council. Your Web site is, by far, the "star" on the list. It's graphically interesting, very easy to navigate, communicates clearly, and has useful information. I'm really impressed! In addition, I find your commitment to producing multicultural books equally impressive."


Cathryn Falwell, author

"My niece who is Korean-American is expecting her first babe in March. I have just purchased Baby Born for her as I appreciate the ethnic diversity in all the illustrations. It's perfect for their family as her baby will be born in winter and will be a multi-racial bambino. And I adore peek-a-boo books! I love it!"


"I just had to send a quick note of thanks. What a terrific Web site! I am a freelance writer, who particularly enjoys writing for children. Lee & Low may be a small publisher, but has a big presence! As mom to seven kids in a multiracial family, I appreciate your commitment to quality books that reflect all the world's rainbow. Again, thanks for a wonderful site!"

Katrina Schmitz

"I am thrilled that Lee & Low is going to publish books for emergent readers that feature children of color. There is such a need for these books. As a teacher/educator, I am forever telling my students (preservice and practicing teachers) about the excellent books that your company publishes."

Thank you.

Katharine Davies Samway, Professor, San Jose University

"I just want to say that I spent the last hour or so reading through your Web site and I am so, so impressed. You show more heart and soul than any publisher I have ever seen.

I am the mother of a 3-year-old boy; I am white (Italian/Slovak grandparents) and my husband is Japanese-American. I feel it is tremendously important for children to gain an appreciation of their culture--and other cultures as well.

I was excited a few years ago when I first heard that "multicultural books" for children were making their way into the bookstores and libraries. Then last year, I was at a children's book conference and overheard a longtime editor say that as far as she was concerned, multicultural literature was "dead" (dead!) and that she would not consider publishing any of it. Fortunately, that woman retired--or was retired?--this year. But still, I just found her outook so terribly, depressingly sad. That's why I had to write. Thanks for giving us some hope, Lee & Low!"


Barbara Ludovise Odanaka, Children's Book Reviewer

p.s. I also want to say THANK YOU for all the great info and commentary in your Editorial section. How wonderful that you actually try to HELP writers -- a rarity indeed in this industry!

"Keep it up, guys! As a children's book writer, and a teacher, I am just so happy to see the type of work you are doing for a lot of Spanish-speaking students."


"I continue to be amazed, though not surprised, at the evolution of your Web site for Lee & Low Books. Your dedication to offering quality multicultural literature is admirable - but your service to prospective authors and the public in general is exceptionally well presented."

Anjali Kothari

"I am a children's book writer and I want to commend you on the finest publisher's Web site I have ever seen (And I have seen them all!). I've downloaded your editorial guidelines for future reference. I am so impressed by your publishing program!"


Pamela Ross

"Thank you for taking the time to include so much helpful information on your Web site. You have armed me with some very valuable information that I am cetain will help me become a better writer. My hats off to you all. Great Job!"


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