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poetry Poetry Power
Bring Poetry Into
Your Classroom

LEE & LOW is proud to introduce a way to celebrate poetry all year long. In this section you will find helpful tips on how to teach poetry in your classroom, downloadable movies from our poetry reading, and much more! Excitement is contagious, so get yourself and your students excited about poetry.

poetry Poetry Power, an Introduction by Pat Mora
Do you want your students to be better listeners? Try poetry. Do you want your students to be better readers? Try poetry. Better writers? Try poetry. Do you want your students to notice the world around them? You guessed it: try poetry.

poetry Everyone Succeeds with Poetry
Regie Routman writes: "Teaching poetry writing is the best way I know to engage and celebrate all students—not just as writers, but as valued members of the classroom community."

poetry Classroom Guide to Poetry
The best way to get students interested in writing poetry is first to spend time reading poetry together and helping students become familiar with poetry as a way of expressing feelings and ideas.

poetry Poetry Recommendations
Contains a reading list, helpful links, and a comprehensive list of LEE & LOW's own poetry titles, downloadable in PDF format.

poetry A Night of Words:
Movie Archive of Poetry Readings

Digital movies taken of our poets reading from Deshawn Days and Love to Mamé. Please download them so you can enjoy the magic of this special event.
Quicktime Movie Player required to view poetry readings.

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