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LEE & LOW BOOKS is committed to serving the needs of today's teachers and students.

Dynamic Teacher Resources

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LEE & LOW BOOKS is committed to serving the needs of today's teachers and students. It is our goal to provide educators with books for children that address the experiences of people of all backgrounds, but especially children of color—who now make up more than half of the school population. Our diverse collection includes contemporary fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. In addition, we publish historical fiction and biographies, often focusing on lesser-known figures who have been ignored by traditional history books. Our books for children give these heroes their day in the sun and make their contributions known to a wider audience of readers.

Our multicultural books also satisfy the requirements of national standards. Our Active Learner Classroom Guides are FREE for classroom use and are available in both on-line format and as downloadable PDFs.

Active Learner Classroom Guide Common Features:
  • Reading Levels and Themes
  • Story Synopsis and Background Information
  • Special Teaching Tips
  • Pre-Reading Focus Questions
  • Exploring the Book
  • Setting a Purpose for Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • After-Reading Discussion Questions
  • Literature Circles
  • Reader's Response
  • Other Writing Activities
  • ELL/ESL Teaching Strategies
  • Interdisciplinary Activities
  • About the Author and Illustrator
  • Web Resources

Our Active Learner Classroom Guides are designed to help you, the teacher, deliver useful and practical information to your students. So, PLEASE feel free to email your comments and suggestions. If you have ideas for lesson plans to implement with any LEE & LOW titles, send them to us and we will include them with an acknowledgment.

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