Alicia Afterimage

By PaperTigers

A piercingly honest and compassionate picture of teen and maternal grief. . . . In the process of coping with a loss that most parents will never have to experience, Delacre has, through Alicia Afterimage, helped her daughter’s friends, and readers of all ages, to understand that there is no right or wrong way to grieve; and that grief, as difficult a process as it is, can also be an opportunity for personal growth. Dedicated to “All grieving teens,” Alicia Afterimage includes selected reading and websites about teen grief and teen driver safety. It also includes a touching “Almost Four Years Later…” section that tells what has happened to each of Alicia’s friends since her death. Learning that “the driver” has started to tell his story publicly, in the hope that others won’t make the same mistakes he did, is just what we readers need to hear, before closing the book and telling every teen and parent we know to read it.—PaperTigers