Amazing Faces

By Ink Spells

In simple but powerful language and life-like illustrations, Amazing Faces captures children’s faces and the emotions they wear on them as they play, pout, laugh, and sleep. The 16 poems come from esteemed children’s writers such as Jane Yolen and amazing poets like Langston Hughes. . . . Chris Soentpiet’s illustrations leap off the page, whether the tight-fisted karate kicker or the boyish-faced young soldier returning home. . . . Delightful. Lee and Low is a small publisher that focuses on “stories that children of color can identify with and that all children can enjoy.” Amazing Faces certainly meets that charter and moves hearts as well. I don’t usually review picture books on Ink Spells, but I think art draws all levels of readers into books, and poetry can be particularly demanding on readers, and thus ideally suited for advanced readers. I heartily recommend Amazing Faces to move hearts of all ages. —Ink Spells