Baby Flo

By YA Books Central

This truly lovely picture book was like seeing a star emerge from behind the clouds. I not only enjoyed Baby Flo in and of itself, but I enjoyed learning about Florence Mills, a remarkable girl and one I think young children would easily admire and identify with. . . . Yet children don’t care how worthy a book is if it is not also beautiful and engaging. Baby Flo is both. The watercolor illustrations have a playful looseness that feels like a small child dancing for the sheer love of it. The text is read-aloud friendly, too dense for a beginning reader to sound out alone, but happily an older, more confident reader would not find this book childish.

This would be an outstanding addition to any bookshelf, especially perhaps a classroom looking to improve the cultural diversity of its offerings. Yet that is a bonus, because first and foremost, this was a good story, well told. -YA Books Central