Destiny's Gift

By School Library Journal

A bittersweet ode to a beloved bookstore that is threatened with closure. Destiny loves words, and the store’s owner has long fostered that love by allowing the girl to hang around, encouraging her to learn new words and letting her help stock shelves and water the plants. Their special relationship may come to an end, however, when Destiny learns that Mrs. Wade can no longer afford the rent. This quiet, evocative book clearly reflects the special sense of community that a wonderful neighborhood bookstore can bring. However, there are no pat solutions here; the story ends with the closure still looming in spite of a community effort to appeal to the landlord and raise funds. The only resolution is Destiny’s gift, a gift of words in the form of a story she has written for Mrs. Wade. Collage illustrations in soothing tones… combine lovely, textured papers with pencil enhancements to create a warm, multicultural environment complete with well-stocked bookstore shelves. Pair this story with Arthur Levine’s Pearl Moscowitz’s Last Stand (Morrow, 1993; o.p.) to spark a conversation about the importance of community involvement. …a worthwhile addition…