Diverse Energies

By YA’s the Word

My three favourite stories are ‘Blue Skies’, ‘Good Girl’ and ‘Solitude’. I found these stories the most thought provoking and loved the way the world creation added to the message of each story. The imagery supported the feelings of the characters - all of whom I found to be compelling in their own ways. ‘Solitude’ I think works perfectly as short story as do the other two, but I would love for ‘Blue Skies’ and ‘Good Girl’ to be turned into full lengthy novels, because the worlds and characters still have much to offer.?I enjoyed Bradford’s story and the premise makes this one of the best time-travel tales I’ve read. It amazes me how Bacigalupi’s and Kanakia’s stories manage to create such a strong sense of environment in the span of a short story. . . . ‘Pattern Recognition’ and ‘What Arms to Hold’ got me thinking about the rights of the child and the importance of questioning those in authority. ‘The Last Day’ is well-written and thought provoking - in that depressing sort of way all stories about the futility of war make us think.”

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