How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck?

By Midwest Book Review

Illustrated by twelve popular children’s book artists, How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck? is a whimsical picture book that expounds on tongue-twisting variations of its title. ‘How much night could a nightjar jar if a nightjar could jar night? / As much night as a nightjar could if a nightjar could jar night! / How much sun could a sun bear bear if a sun bear could bear sun? / As much sun as a sun bear could if a sun bear could bear sun!’ An accompanying audio CD puts the lyrics of the book to song, in a simple melody written in musical notation in the back of the book; the CD also has a music-only track so that readers can sing on their own. The final picture spread features representations of many compound words, which are listed in the back cover. A wonderful read-aloud or sing-along book for parents and children to share together.