How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck?

By School Library Journal

This book/CD package takes a twist on an old tongue-twister and reinvents it in 12 different ways with art by 12 illustrators and a rollicking song. Two tracks—one with lyrics and one instrumental—allow creative freedom to express many more nonsensical verses. If you've ever wondered how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, the answer's still ‘as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck wood.’ But be prepared for many more curious questions that follow, such as ‘How much chi could a cheetah tie if a cheetah could tai chi?’ and ‘How much sun could a sun bear bear if a sun bear could bear sun?’ Ten active animals, a dainty buttercup, and a strawberry pirate take over this song adaptation. More than 50 hours was spent on the book’s last spread, ‘The Could You? Spread,’ a collaboration effort to hide 53 compound words. The result is a wild and memorable story in sight and sound. Pictures include collages, photos, sketches, drawings, and paintings depicting the comical animal antics. The package can be used as a springboard for youngsters to come up with their own whimsical pictures and wordplay. For younger children, listening to the audio will reinforce phonological awareness, an essential early literacy skill and precursor to reading and writing. Danny Adlerman’s jovial ditty, and Jim Babjak’s guitar-playing will have listeners clapping, knee-slapping, and dancing along.