How We Can Live

By Publishers Weekly

Published with the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and structured around guiding principles used by Black Lives Matter at School, this authoritative, information-dense book defines Black Lives Matter principles for young readers. In an introduction, Garcia writes that the phrase serves as both reminder and promise: “We are REMINDING ourselves and others that the world is still not fair, and we are PROMISING to work to make the world fair.” Subsequent spreads define concepts in kid-friendly language, among them unapologetically Blackempathyloving engagement, and restorative justice, alongside terms of inclusion, such as intergenerational, and queer- and transgender-affirming. Davidson’s crisp portraiture—which depicts historical leaders, contemporary activists, and everyday people—is presented alongside facial silhouettes that form repeating motifs of hearts, florals, starbursts, and abstract patterns. An adult-oriented afterword balances information for readers in this basic introduction to an organization and a movement.