Magic Like That

By Booklist

This picture book celebrates the beauty and strength of Black hair, presenting it as a symbol of empowerment for young people. Doyon’s poetic prose showcases the reality of having textured hair and the work that goes into styling and caring for it and the payoff as its “majestic,” “mischievous,” and “stunning” nature reveals its versatility and natural beauty. In partnership with the gorgeous digital artwork from Bowers, each double-page spread sees the protagonist enjoying her hair in a new location and situation, further supporting the statement that Black hair is an asset to everyday life. With its poetic message and gentle, inviting illustrations, this book reminds readers that Black hair is an individual experience that should be cherished and appreciated, that no one’s hair is the same. The joy of different colors, textures, and styles shines through here and is sure to inspire confidence and creativity in young readers becoming acquainted with their hair and self-expression.