Seeds of Change

By Donna's Book Pub

Seeds of Change is a beautifuly written (by Jen Cullerton Johnson) and lushly illustrated (by Sonia Lynn Sadler) children’s picture book with a powerful message….Education plants seeds of ideas and opportunities for Wangari, who loves science. She travels to America and and studies to become a biologist. In America, she does more than learn science, she also discovers a spirit of freedom and possibility that she wants to share with others in Kenya. No matter where she travels she carries a part of her family with her and remembers her promise to protect her land. Cullerton Johnson’s accurate depiction of facts, vivid descriptions, and authentic dialogue combine to create an inspiring story about Wangari Maathal, a determined woman whose actions took root in the Green Belt Movement and who became the first African woman and environmentalist to win the Nobel Peace Prize. —Donna’s Book Pub