Seeds of Change

By Midwest Book Review

Seeds of Change is a children’s picture book biography of Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace prize -winning feminist and environmentalist from Kenya. Stunningly illustrated with brilliantly colored artworks, “Seeds of Change” is an unforgettable, inspirational true story of the woman who started the Green Belt Movement in Kenya by teaching people the need to plant trees to replace those which are cut down by developers and builders. Wangari was persecuted as a woman, jailed for planting trees, and ridiculed by profiteers with no real thought for the land or people. Wangari received help from other people in Kenya and other countries, and with help, she fought for her release from prison and also for the rights of other women prisoners. Once released, Wangari traveled and spread her message of hope to people all over the world. She planted seedlings and talked of women’s rights, sharing the seeds of change.”