Seeds of Change

By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The magic of reading transports readers to another place, time, life-or even species. Sharing a book with a child can enhance that feeling of enchantment as well as help build skills and knowledge. Jen Cullerton Johnson’s book “Seeds of Change: Planting a Path to Peace,” illustrated by Sonia Lynn Sadler, takes us to another country and into the life of a young Kenyan girl. This true story shows the power of education, the importance of conservation and the amazing impact of a single individual. Ms. Johnson paints a clear picture of Wangari Maathai with her words. . . . While Wangari’s life story has its share of hardship, this biography emphasizes its beauty as well. Images are often dreamlike but they clearly depict important places and moments in her life. Illustrator Sonia Lynn Sadler uses thick white lines and vivid colors, which give the pictures the appearance of batik. This evokes the colorful fabrics of Wangari’s home as well as adding visual appeal.