Ten Blocks to the Big Wok

By Booklist

Hu’s charming bilingual book, written in both English and Mandarin Chinese, will be an entertaining counting book for young children of any background. As little Mia and her Uncle Eddie walk the 10 blocks through Chinatown to a restaurant for dim sum, they encounter a number of items along the way that are important symbols in Chinese culture: a panda, lions made of stone, bonsai trees, and silk fans. A small, curious caramel-and-white kitten tags along as the two make their way to a delicious meal, adding a fun seek-and-find element. In addition to listing the numbers 1 through 10, the author/illustrator uses ordinals and even offers a backwards countdown from 10 to 1, listing the variety of foods Mia and her uncle have ordered. Colorful illustrations in watercolors and pastels with some digital assistance are cheerful and show Chinatown from a variety of perspectives, making each detailed picture a joy to study. An author’s note explains the Chinese symbols featured and includes a pronunciation guide for counting in Mandarin.