Top to Bottom

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Where are you if you see "Danger: Crocodiles (Watch Your Children and Dogs)" signs and lizards that stand on their hind legs? Holy dooley, mate, you're in Australia! The Lewins share their "top to bottom" journey to the land down under in a fresh, funny, fact-filled travelogue that meanders from Kakadu National Park to Kangaroo Island. Striking, realistic watercolor landscapes are juxtaposed with comical sketches and circa-1900 spot illustrations. . . . The pictures catch attention, and the text is intelligently written. . . . A brief guide to animal facts rounds out this contagiously cheerful Aussie expedition. And remember, "salties" (crocodiles) can run as fast as 15 miles per hour, so "if a salty chases you, run either sixteen miles an hour or in a zigzag fashion."

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