Under the Mesquite

By Kim Bacellia, Young Adult Books Central

I totally fell in love with this story. Beautifully written this tale has a Sandra Cisnernos feel to it with it’s realistic and touching portrayal of Lupita and her family. This is also a coming of age story told in free verse. Each chapter flows and shows the rich details of Lupe’s home and family life. I especially loved how her father is portrayed as a loving and handworking person who will do anything for his family. Some examples of the great details McCall weaves is showing Lupita’s mami making tortillas in the kitchen with her own special magic. I also loved Lupita. Her journey through her mother’s cancer and how she grows is beautifully shown down to how she deals with the language with her love of drama and poetry. I love how McCall shows us a loving family and a heroine who faces her mother’s cancer with strength and courage. But mostly this is a story of hope that will stay with you.

This small novel is huge in heart and hope. A must add to any collection