Under the Mesquite

By Words on Paper

Lyrical and tragically beautiful,
Under the Mesquite is an
inspired story that elicits both
pain, and hope, in the
readers that dare to read it.

Written in free verse,
this debut novel holds vast
literary merit–the focal image/symbol,
the mesquite, becomes so embedded within
the pages of this book that
readers will feel all that the mesquite

There are very powerful messages in this book,
bringing to light:
the things that many
people take for granted, and also
how powerful a place/person/thing
can be.

The Latino culture
was drawn out extraordinarily well,
as language, sights and sounds
tend to the senses;

. . . .

Lupita’s inner strength and
hopes and dreams
will surely strike a chord in
the hearts and minds of young readers.
She finds such solace under the mesquite, that
when she loses someone to whom
she loved dearly and admired, the sight of the tree
hits her hard

The cover is gorgeous, highlighting
the central figures in the novel.

I would really love to see Under the Mesquite
in every good school library.