Under the Mesquite

By Mrs. V's Reviews

I love novels in verse. I love reading about moving toward adulthood. I love books that include cultural flavor. Oh, and I love Lee & Low Books. Guadalupe Garcia McCall’s novel in verse Under the Mesquite had so much going for it from the first page because I knew it would include all these things - yet, it was so much more. The further I clicked away in the book, the more layers emerged that made me appreciate it even more.

. . . .

The glimpses into Mexico, as well as general cultural references with her family on both sides of the border frequently brought smiles to my face as I could connect to the experiences. I always love snippets of different languages seamlessly integrated into English, and Garcia McCall effectively accomplished this (while also providing a glossary of explanations at the back of the book). In addition, Lupita’s character was endearing - I was proud of her for so many reasons.

This is a special, special book. I can’t wait for my daughters to enjoy it someday when they are also on the verge of discovering who they are and what they want for their lives.