By Book Dads

This is a stunning and spectacular read both visually and in the straightforward manner in which Neri tells the real life story . . . Yummy quite honestly is simply a must read for teens and adults. There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity for discussion here as the reader must grapple with the question Neri seems to be asking us: Is it possible for an 11-year-old boy to be a cold-blooded murderer or was Yummy a victim of his environment and upbringing? Despite the fantastic black and white illustrations accompanying Neri’s prose, this isn’t a black and white question and there’s no easy answers. The only certainty for me is that this is a tale of a dual tragedy in not only the senseless death of 14-year-old Shavon Dean, but also in the tragedy of Yummy . . . This is unlike any graphic novel I’ve ever read. In fact, I’ve never read anything quite like this. This is a powerful story and the graphic novel works as an excellent format for the telling. If given the opportunity to be exposed to it, I think this book can have a big impact on urban teens, many who might be struggling with some of the same issues in this book. —Book Dads