Zombies Don't Eat Veggies!

By Booklist

Mo Romero loves eating veggies. Unfortunately, he and his family are zombies, meaning he should be munching Spanish Zombiana delicacies, like deditos en salsa (fingers in salsa) or empanadas de patipanza (“arm-panadas”), rather than carrots and kale chips. Mo tries to win over his parents by serving them gazpacho disguised as Blood Bile Bisque, which earns him the oft-uttered rebuke, “Zombies don’t eat veggies!” However, this time Mo takes a stand, declaring it’s OK to be different. Funny, cartoonish illustrations plant clever details into the scenes, such as a zombified selection of vegetables (e.g., heads of lettuce, ears of corn, artichoke hearts). The Laceras draw upon their own experience as a mixed-race couple to tell an unconventional but utterly relatable story of mixed families and Latin cooking (with a twist). Recipes included!