E-book Purchases, Formats, eReaders, DRM, and Usage

E-book Usage, Devices, and Formats
You receive lifetime access to e-books you purchase through leeandlow.com. We provide your e-books to you in two downloadable file formats, ePub and .mobi, both of which are DRM-free and can be used on the devices of your choice.

How will my e-book be delivered?
After you have purchased an e-book, a link to download the e-book will be sent via your order confirmation email. The email will contain links to both the ePub and .mobi formats.

Once I receive the email with links to download, how do I access the files?
When you click on the download link in your email, your e-book should begin to download automatically. Before putting it on the reading device of your choice, though, you may need to unzip the file. To do so, first save the file to your computer. If you are on a PC, right click on the file and choose "Extract." If you are on a Mac, double click on the file and it will unzip automatically. Once the file is on your computer and unzipped, you can add it to your device.

What's the difference between the ePub and .mobi formats?
Not all eReaders accept the same types of files. Most eReaders work best with the ePub, a file which is meant to give readers, publishers, and device-makers a single standard format for e-books. This file format includes many of the same features we enjoy when reading on the web, such as reflowable text and hyperlinking.

The big exception to that standard is the Kindle, which cannot currently read ePub files directly. The .mobi file extension is a proprietary format for Kindle e-readers. Those wishing to read books on a Kindle, or Kindle app, should use the .mobi format. 

What file format works best for my device, and how do I load it?
Every device has its own method for adding new e-books. The links below will give you instructions for how to load e-book files onto your device:

Portable or desktop computer —ePub 
iPad —ePub
iPhone, iPod touch —ePub
Kindle —Mobi file
Kobo —ePub
Nook —ePub
Sony Reader —ePub

What does "DRM-free" mean?
DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. DRM was designed to protect copyright laws and stop books and music from being pirated, but it can restrict your ability to enjoy the media you've purchased in the way that works best for you. All our books are sold DRM-free, meaning that once you buy them, you own them fully and can read them on any platform(s) you choose.

Am I allowed to lend my e-book out or post it for resale?
We sell our books DRM-free to give you, the reader, the greatest number of options for enjoying your e-book. You may lend your e-book to another person if your device allows, but, as with print books, please do not retain a copy after you lend it. Our e-books are sold for personal use only and should not be shared or posted for resale.

Feedback Welcome
If you have a question or comments about our e-books, please send feedback to ebooks AT leeandlow.com

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