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LEE & LOW BOOKS has put together some fun activities inspired by our books. After reading a book, children may wish to use the knowledge they have gained and test their memories as they dive into the crossword puzzles, word scrambles, coloring sheets, find-the-difference games, word searches, and more.

All the activities in this section are FREE to use. Enjoy!

Check out these fun and educational activities and games to help young readers connect even more to their favorite LEE & LOW title. Now they can test their knowledge of the plot and setting with crossword puzzles and word scrambles; dig deeper into our books with coloring sheets and find-the-difference games; and remember the important characters, places, and events with word searches. Click on the links to download these free, printable activities.

Coloring Sheets
These coloring sheets are based on illustrations from our award-winning books.

No Mush Today Coloring Sheets
Only One Year Coloring Sheets

Crossword Puzzles
Questions from our books offer clues to words traveling horizontally and vertically.

Allie's Basketball Dream Crossword Puzzle
Seven Miles to Freedom Crossword Puzzle
Game, Set, Match Crossword Puzzle

Find-the-Difference Games
Test your powers of observation! The differences between two pictures can be hiding right in front of your eyes.

Butterflies for Kiri Find-the-Difference
Rainbow Joe and Me Find-the-Difference

Word Searches
Find the words hidden vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

Yasmin's Hammer Word Search
Bringing Asha Home Word Search
Summer Sun Risin' Word Search

Word Scrambles
Unscramble the words to make words from the pages of our books.

Ghosts for Breakfast Word Scramble
¡Olé! Flamenco Word Scramble

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