Testimonials from Partners and Supporters

Dr. Pedro Noguera

"Lee & Low has been a leader in publishing books for diverse readers for many years.  Their collections are outstanding and should be part of every school's curriculum.  If we want our kids to become independent readers we have to make sure that they are exposed to a broad cross section of literature. Lee & Low's books educate and inspire.  Their books are an invaluable resource."
Dr. Pedro Noguera, author of Excellence Through Equity and Distinguished Professor of Education, UCLA

First Book“Lee & Low Books are publishers and heroes. Lee & Low Books are excellent books for children. Their stories are authentic, respectful, and unforgettable. They harness the power and wonder of our culturally rich world to create books that will entertain and inspire both children and adults.”
—Kyle Zimmer, President/Co-Founder, First Book

Teaching Tolerance“All children deserve to feel included and respected; nowhere is this more true than at school. Lee & Low publishes high-quality books that feature all kinds of people and families, offering children the chance to see themselves in the pages even as they encounter others who are different. A school whose classroom libraries are stocked with Lee  & Low books has made a commitment to celebrate diversity.”  
—Maureen Costello, Director, Teaching Tolerance


RIF“His big, natural smile filling his face and her twinkling eyes piercing through and dancing with joy are reactions I treasure most when visiting with children at a book distribution. These children have perhaps only seen “window” books – books showing people and experiences different than theirs and now they have a “mirror” book, one where each sees a portrait of self in a book and that in turn allows that child to see her/himself as a person of value. Thank you, thank you Lee and Low for providing quality “mirror” experiences for children as well as new “windows” for readers. It is always with great confidence I refer individuals inquiring about great books for children to Lee and Low, I know they will be pleased with the choices available and the quality - physical quality as well as quality substance. And the children for whom they are buying? Those smiles and twinkles in the eyes are there!”
—Carol H. Rasco, President and CEO, Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

"Lee & Low plays a unique and valuable role in the publishing industry. Not only are they publishing new books, but they are also bringing back into print many of the gems from multicultural literature that have been unavailable for years. These titles were published at a time when children's books had a stronger orientation to issues of race, class, and power than one typically sees in picture books today. Lee & Low is also conducting invaluable studies of diversity (or the lack of it) in the children's book publishing industry. The studies serve as important exposés and call to action." —Deborah Menkart, executive director, Teaching for Change


We Need Diverse Books“Lee & Low represents the very best in children's publishing and are important leaders in the movement for diversity in children's literature.”

—Ellen Oh, President/Co-Founder, We Need Diverse Books (WNDB)

An Open Book Foundation“Lee & Low has been and continues to be committed to publishing diverse books that are windows and mirrors for young readers. Lee & Low understands that reading about people different from oneself is as important as seeing oneself in books.”

—Heidi Powell, Founding Director, An Open Book Foundation and Manager, Children and Teens Department, Politics and Prose Bookstore

National Education Association“Lee & Low Books is simply the best when it comes to publishing and promoting diversity in children’s literature. They are one of my top resources for excellent books, booklists, guides, and resources to recommend to educators and parents. And as passionate advocates for diversity in children’s literature and other fields, Lee & Low are models for the rest of us. They pave the way for new authors and illustrators covering all forms of diversity and they remind us to be vigilant in our own reading lives, not only for ourselves and our children, but for society at large.”
—Anita Merina (retired)NEA’s Read Across America 


“The Collaborative for Equity in Literacy Learning (CELL) at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, New York, embraces Lee & Low Books, both trade books and Bebop books. In our fieldwork and in our work in the community, such as the Saturday programs at Newburgh Armory Unity Center, Lee & Low Books are in constant use. We value these books because we know that, to become proficient readers, students must have what Rudine Sims Bishop calls “mirror” and “window” books—books in which they see themselves and books that open up worlds of which they know not. Lee & Low offers much high-quality children’s literature that serves as both mirrors and windows. Our pre- and in-service teachers recognize varying reading experiences Lee & Low Books evoke.”
—The Collaborative for Equity in Literacy Learning:
Dr. Janine Bixler, Chair, Division of Education/Director of CELL
Dr. David Gallagher
Dr. Jane Gangi
Dr. Matthew Hollibush
Dr. Rebecca Norman

jamie_naidoo“I recommend and admire Lee & Low Books as a publisher that truly cares about providing all children from all cultures with opportunities to see authentic reflections of themselves in their books. I respect the company for continuing the long-standing traditions of culturally appropriate publishing started by their imprints such as Children’s Book Press. In addition, Lee & Low Books has been and remains on the forefront of important discussions surrounding diverse representations in children’s materials.”
—Jamie Campbell Naidoo, Ph.D., Associate & Foster-EBSCO Endowed Professor, School of Library & Information Studies, University of Alabama

Ina Panel St. Surin“I not only use Lee & Low books in my classroom, I seek them. I have seen students become amazed at reading books about people who look like them and have similar stories to tell, which is a mission at Lee & Low Books, Inc.  The statements from students such as, 'I want to learn more about my heritage,' or 'I want to read more books,' is testimony to the acceptance they feel when our books provide validation for their humanity. The looks and smiles of interest, contentment and acceptance on the faces of my students justifies how affirming Lee & Low Books has been for them and me.”
—Ina Pannell-St. Surin, Special Education Teacher, P.S. 261K in Brooklyn, New York

jerry_michel1“We have been buying books from Lee & Low for many years. We have come to depend on them to supply meaningful, authentic, and culturally diverse titles to support our literacy instruction. Whether we are looking for titles to support reading in small groups or a mentor text to be used as a read aloud, we know the titles we select will reflect a wide range of cultures and experiences. This is something that all of our students need to grow up as learners in an inclusive, interconnected global society.”
—Jerry Michel, Principal, Willard School

kcunningham“As a teacher, parent, professor, and literacy consultant, I turn to Lee & Low Books more than any others for stories that reveal the human heart as well as authentic human struggle. Lee & Low Books give us characters that are models of compassion, courage, and an ethic of care. All students deserve access to Lee & Low Books as they grow as readers of words and readers of our complex, diverse world.”
—Katherine Cunningham, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Mahattanville College

KPS2“At the University of New Mexico's Latin American & Iberian Institute we look for children's and young adult literature that engages with the shared heritage of the Americas in authentic and meaningful ways.  Lee & Low Books has become a mainstay for us in this somewhat formidable task. Their powerful stories resonate, always guaranteeing worthwhile perspectives.  We are proud to use their resources."
—Keira Philipp-Schnurer, Supervisor of Community Education Programs, the Latin American and Iberian Institute, University of New Mexico



horning_photo"Lee & Low has always been a trusted source for high quality, authentic multicultural literature for children. Their commitment to diversity is genuine, and so is their commitment to finding new authors and illustrators to tell the stories of our diverse nation.  This one small publisher has had an enormous impact on the available body of contemporary multicultural children's books."
—Kathleen T. Horning, Director, Cooperative Children's Book Center, School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison

ElizabethBird"In a time when the major book publishers are merging and becoming more homogeneous with every passing year, it's publishers like Lee & Low Books that give us hope for the future.  Their quality is always top notch, their stories gripping, and their presence on the marketplace a comfort to anyone who yearns for racial diversity in their children's picture books and fiction."
—Elizabeth Bird, Collection Development Manager, Evanston Public Library

nina_lindsay“I depend on Lee & Low for producing excellent, engaging books that reflect the diversity of my community, and of the wider communities that today's young readers are necessarily and inextricably connected to. I always look forward to what they produce next, and find their titles have lasting value.”
—Nina Lindsay, Supervising Librarian, Children's Services, Oakland Public Library CA


elizabeth_mcchesney“For decades Lee & Low has provided high quality, germane and culturally representative books that reflect all our children. As librarians we treasure the diversity of the children we serve and nowhere more so than in Chicago and the Chicago Public Library. Lee & Low’s attention to detail, quality, relevance and diversity make them both a trusted source and a national treasure for kids and those who serve them.”
—Elizabeth McChesney, Director of Children's Services, Chicago Public Library

Allie-Jane-Bruce-Headshot“Lee & Low is a leader in the field of children's literature.  They publish fun books, serious books, books of the highest quality for all ages.  And they are leading the charge in promoting diversity in children's literature, asking the hard questions and providing resources for those who seek to make reading truly universal.”
—Allie Jane Bruce, Children's Librarian, Bank Street College Library

"30 years in publishing and your lists just keep improving. I've purchased everything you publish for more that 15 years and I look forward to many more great years. I particularly want to congratulate the team for all the hard work in Diversity Education. Lee & Low is now on the map as a publishing house to watch. Thank you for the high quality and diverse titles that are so desperately needed. We are big fans in Tulsa!"
—Cathie Sue Andersen, Youth Fiction Selector, Tusla Library



EB-headshot“Many people bemoan the lack of diversity in children's books. Lee & Low puts its money where its mouth is by not only publishing powerful, entertaining literature for young people, but also by advocating for those young people in a variety of effective ways, from social media to infographics to public speaking. I've been so impressed with what the Lee & Low/ Tu crew put out into the world with every means at their disposal.” —Elizabeth Bluemle, Co-owner, The Flying Pig Bookstore


Mary_Alice_Garber“During my 15 years of working in the Children and Teens Department, Lee and Low has been a constant source of "books for everyone."  As a pioneer in the field, dedicated to multicultural literature, Lee and Low is a leader in the current drive for increased publication of diverse books and recognition of authors who write them.  Their informative and well-designed website and positive role in social media provide much needed resources for teachers, parents and bookseller.  Lee and Low's long-standing commitment to diverse books is vital to the world of publishing and more important than ever.”
—Mary Alice Garber, Buyer, Children and Teens Department, Politics & Prose Bookstore

MArvaAllenCarnegie2“Hue-Man…means Shades of Colour.  As a multicultural bookstore it is so important to showcase the voices of the diverse world and we could not have done that without our relationship tomorrow. For the past twenty years we have watched the stellar rise of Lee & Low books. In addition to their award winning works their amazing storytelling authors cast a wide swath on diversity. This kind of cultural inclusiveness is rarely found and as the conversation rages on about diversity in children's books, Lee & Low should lend their expertise and be at the forefront of that change as other publishers find their voice on diversity. Investing in diversity is not a choice it is an imperative. I am still awed at my culture being represented in the book I and I Bob Marley that was published by Lee & Low. It was not only a journey to my Island in the Sun but I was enormously proud that children the world over would discover such an important figure in history.    

I always look forward the kinds of ground breaking work Lee & Low continues to do and to expanding my own understanding of the world through their superior storytelling and brilliant illustrations.”   
—Marva Allen, CEO Hue-Man Online

Galia_Sandy“As the Schools Program Coordinator at La Casa Azul Bookstore I have seen how much of a need there is for diverse books within our communities. That is why a publishing house like Lee & Low is so important. Lee & Low gives authors a space to explore stories that veer from the narrative we see far too often in books and allow them to feature characters that children in our communities can identify with.

Lee & Low goes above and beyond by providing resources for educators to use their books in the classroom while aligning with Common Core as well as always reaching out to bookstores and community spaces like La Casa Azul Bookstore - to create programming that is meaningful to all. We always have books by Lee & Low on our shelves and recommend their books to educators, parents and young readers." —Galia Sandy, Schools Program Coordinator & Children's Book Buyer, La Casa Azul Bookstore


terry_Hong-BD“Lee & Low Books is my go-to publisher for the most thoughtfully curated, consistently superb selection of multi-culti titles. I learned of them when they were just a tiny start-up indie-that-could … and over the past 20-plus years, they’ve proven again and again that they can and will. LEE & LOW today is a national powerhouse in championing diversity not only between the pages and on shelves across the country, but they’re also using their well-deserved, highly respected influence to change the face(s)—literally—of the publishing industry at large.”
—Terry Hong, BookDragon: Books for the Multi-Culti Reader, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

Cynthia_leitich_smith1“Lee & Low Books is leading the way in publishing resonant, entertaining and enlightening books that reflect our ever-more-diverse population of young readers. They lift up and affirm children of all cultures through their books.”
—Cynthia Leitich Smith, Author, cynthialeitichsmith.com


debbie_photo“I was thrilled to learn that Lee and Low was bringing Cree artist/illustrator George Littlechild's This Land Is My Land back into print. That decision plus their support of strong Native authors like Lise Erdrich and S.D. Nelson reflects their commitment to providing readers with books by and about Indigenous peoples that reflect our lives with honesty and accuracy.”
—Debbie Reese, PhD, Tribally enrolled: Nambe Pueblo, americanindiansinchildrensliterature.net

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