A Space for Me

Written and illustrated by Cathryn Falwell

Hardcover: $19.95


It's just not fair! Alex's big sister has her own room, but Alex has to share a room with their little brother, Lucas, who makes noise, plays with Alex's toys, and takes over both sides of their room. One day, when Lucas breaks Alex's favorite dragon, spills all the crayons, and throws puzzle pieces into the air, Alex has had enough! 

All Alex wants is a quiet space for himself. In the backyard he creates the perfect spot to read, play, think, and dream. But when Lucas misses him, Alex helps his brother build his own special space too. Some days Alex spends time in his space by himself. Some days Lucas plays in his space by himself. And some days the brothers play in their room--a space for both of them together.

About the Creators

Thumb_cathryn_falwell_2019 Cathryn Falwell - Author, Illustrator

CATHRYN FALWELL is the author and illustrator of twenty-five picture books. In her stories, she loves to encourage children to explore nature and foster their imaginative play as a way to develop empathy and nurture their social-emotional learning. Falwell lives alongside a small pond in Maine and has a special place—her very own treehouse—that she happily shares with her grandchildren. You can find her online at

Photo: Suzie Mirkin