A Toucan Can Can You?

By Danny Adlerman
by and Friends

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Fans of How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck? rejoice! Here’s an all new volume of tongue-twisting compound words, guaranteed to tickle your fancy! You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! Well…OK, maybe not, but you’ll have lots of fun reading this book, poring through illustrations by thirteen different artists (including two fresh, new faces to the children’s book scene!), and listening to an all new audio rendition of this new collection. So how much time will you spend reading, looking at, and listening to this book? As much time as you can! And if you’re still dizzy from the first array of compound words and inverse descriptives…well, fasten your seat belts—the ride begins anew!

About the Creators

Thumb_danny-zoey Danny Adlerman - Author

is an author and a musician. He holds a degree from Boston University. A publishing consultant, Danny has written and co-written several books. He lives in Metuchen, New Jersey, with his wife, author-illustrator Kim Adlerman, and their children.

and Friends

Lindsay Barrett George, Megan Halsey, Ashley Wolff, Demi, Ralf Masiello, Wendy Anderson Halperin, Kevin Kammeraad, Pat Cummings, Dar, Leeza Hernandez, Christie Curran-Bauer, Kim Adlerman, and Symone Banks all contributed to the art in this book.