Africa Calling, Nighttime Falling

By Danny Adlerman
Illustrated by Kim Adlerman

Paperback: $9.95


All across Africa, as the sun sinks lower in the sky, the animals ready for the night. Lion prowls. Viper slinks. Monkey swings. Hippo splashes. And meanwhile, a child prepares for her own peaceful dreaming. The jaunty rhythms, gentle rhymes, and beautiful illustrations in this book will send every child off to a good night’s rest. This revised paperback edition includes descriptions of each of the animals in the book, a map of Africa detailing the animals’ habitats, and sheet music to sing along with the text.

About the Creators

Thumb_danny-zoey Danny Adlerman - Author

is an author and a musician. He holds a degree from Boston University. A publishing consultant, Danny has written and co-written several books. He lives in Metuchen, New Jersey, with his wife, author-illustrator Kim Adlerman, and their children.

Thumb_kim-grds4sculpture Kim Adlerman

is an author, an illustrator, and a freelance graphic designer. She holds a degree from the University of Buffalo and has many years of experience working in the graphic design side of publishing. She lives in Metuchen, New Jersey, with her husband, author and musician Danny, and their children.