Dragonsong: A Fable for the New Millennium

By Russell Young
Illustrated by Civi Cheng

Hardcover: $16.95


Once every thousand years the four Imperial Dragons choose one dragon to be Keeper of the Mountain. Now, little Chiang-An, being the youngest dragon, must find a gift that will last a thousand years to win the honor of the title.

This wonderful story carries Chiang-An around the world in search of the prize, and into contact with dragons from the West. Each shares his wisdom and gives Chiang-An a meaningful gift. When he finally heads home, he transforms all he has discovered into the gift that will provide prosperity for his beloved village.

Enchanting illustrations of misty mornings and shimmering waters add an opalescent curtain onto the pearlized scenes of China, Europe, Africa, Mexico, and North America. On the eve of a new millennium, this story brings forth good wishes and new hopes to every one of us.

About the Creators

Russell Young - Author

is a professor of multicultural education and Asian studies. He has lived in Hawaii, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This is his first story published in America. The name for Chiang-An, the young dragon in this story, came from the Chinese name of his two sons. He currently lives with his wife, Liling, and sons, Christopher and Brandon, in Del Mar, California.

Civi Cheng

is a native of Taiwan. His art studio specializes in commercial designs. This is his first children's book and all the illustrations are computer rendered. It is his hope that this book will be treasured by all just as Chiang-An's gift was treasured by his beloved villagers. He lives with his wife, Jane, in Taipei, Taiwan.