Everglades Forever: Restoring America's Great Wetland

By Trish Marx
Photographed by Cindy Karp

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"In the whole world, there is only one Everglades."

Every year the students in Ms. Stone's class study the Everglades. This majestic wetland near their school in Homestead, Florida, is home to a special mix of plants, animals, water, and weather found nowhere else on Earth.

As the children explore Everglades National Park and the nearby Miccosukee Reservation, they discover each area’s habitats, wildlife, and plant life. They also learn that pollution and disrupted water flow have put the Everglades in danger but that people, environmental agencies, and governments are now working to control the damage. Most important is the Everglades Restoration Plan, an unprecedented ecological intervention that will restore the natural flow of water and allow the plants and animals of the Everglades to survive.

In Everglades Forever, Trish Marx and Cindy Karp provide an exciting introduction to America's great wetland. Like the students in Ms. Stone's class, children everywhere will realize the difference they can make in protecting and rescuing one of the grandest natural areas of the world.

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About the Creators

Thumb_thumb Trish Marx - Author

has written several books for children. Marx specializes in nonfiction, especially current events and environmental issues—interests that stem from her background in teaching and journalism. Marx lives in New York City.

Thumb_thumb Cindy Karp

has had a distinguished career as a photojournalist. She worked in Latin America for a decade as a photographer for TIME, and has traveled the world covering wars, political figures, and breaking news stories. She now works freelance in a wide variety of venues. Karp lives in Miami, Florida.