I Love China: A Companion Book to D is for Doufu

By Maywan Shen Krach, Maychi Shen Wang
by Youshan Tang

Paperback: $10.95


Based on the 46 characters in D is for Doufu, this activity book takes a closer look at the Chinese language. Readers will gain more understanding as to why Chinese people are artful thinkers, and how that thinking pattern has been affecting their behavior for almost five millennia.

As you read, you will make new discoveries about this ancient but living language. In simple sentences the author presents basic and interesting facts, shapes, and forms of its modern existence. Come and join us to explore new heights in your understanding of Chinese.

As a bonus, one large red envelope, two small red renvelopes, four postcards, five bookmarks, and 46 word cards are included for maximum learning and fun. The book can be used alone or together with D Is for Doufu. An ideal curriculum for the classroom and an absolutely charming gift for all occasions.

About the Creators

Maywan Shen Krach - Author

Maywan Shen Krach is the author of I Love China: A Companion Book to D Is for Doufu. She was born and educated in Taiwan, but came over to the United States when she was 23 years old for graduate studies. After teaching ten years in the public school systems, she started Shen's Books as a publisher and a distributor of children's literature that affirm universal values.

Maychi Shen Wang - Author

Maychi Shen Wang worked with Maywan Shen Krach to create this companion book to D is for Doufu.

Youshan Tang

Youshan Tang grew up in Shanghai, China, and graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Peking University with degrees in Chinese art and literature. Since 1980, Tang has made his home in San Francisco where the cultural diversity inspires his work. He is also the illustrator of Abadeha: The Philippine Cinderella and Anklet for a Princess: A Cinderella Story from India.