By Jeri Hanel Watts
Illustrated by Felicia Marshall

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Kenyon loves his grandmother's stories almost as much as he loves baseball. He would like Little Dolly to choose him as the next Keeper of the family's stories, and is disappointed when she tells him that only girls can hold that honor.

As Little Dolly's 90th birthday approaches, Kenyon sets out to buy her a gift. But he is unable to resist the urge to buy a brand new baseball glove for himself, and soon regret is heavy in his heart. How can he blame Little Dolly for not trusting him with her stories when he can't even be trusted with his own money?

Kenyon's father tells him that when you make a mistake, you can't go back – you can only go forward. And just when Kenyon thinks he's run out of ideas for Little Dolly's gift, inspiration hits him like a home run.

About the Creators

Thumb_thumb Jeri Hanel Watts - Author

received her master's degree in Education from the University of Virginia. She teaches reading to elementary school students in Lexington, Virginia, where she also lives with her family. This is her first picture book.

Thumb_thumb Felicia Marshall

is a fine artist and the illustrator. A native Texan, Ms. Marshall now lives in Houston, where she teaches art to children. Visit her online at An Artist's Journey: Daily Paintings.