La vasija que Juan fabrico

By Nancy Andrews-Goebel
Illustrated by David Diaz

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Juan Quezada is the premier potter in Mexico. With local materials and the primitive methods of the Casas Grandes people — including using human hair to make brushes and cow manure to feed the flames that fire his pots — Juan creates stunning pots in the traditional style. Each is a work of art unlike any other.

The text is written in the form of "The House That Jack Built" and accompanied by a comprehensive afterword with photos and information about Juan's technique as well as a history of Mata Ortiz, the northern Mexican village where Juan began and continues to work. This celebratory story tells how Juan's pioneering work has transformed Mata Ortiz from an impoverished village into a prosperous community of world-renowned artists.

Translated from The Pot That Juan Built, La vasija que Juan fabricó is sure to enlighten all who are fascinated by traditional art forms, Mexican culture, and the power of the human spirit to find inspiration from the past.

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About the Creators

Thumb_thumb Nancy Andrews-Goebel - Author

met Juan Quezada in 1995 while on vacation in Mexico. Fascinated by his work and inspired by his wonderful spirit, she and her husband co-produced a documentary entitled Mata Ortiz Pottery: An Inside Look. The Pot That Juan Built is her first book. Andrews-Goebel and her husband live in the northern California town of Cayucos.

Thumb_thumb David Diaz

won the Caldecott Medal in 1995 for Smoky Night. He is the illustrator of many other popular children's books as well, including December, Roadrunner's Dance, Going Home, and Wilma Unlimited. Diaz is also an accomplished potter, and he has sold his work to collectors throughout the country. He lives in Carlsbad, California.