Maximilian & the Mystery of the Guardian Angel (Max's Lucha Libre Adventures #1) / Maximilian y el misterio del Ángel de la Guarda

Written and illustrated by Xavier Garza

Paperback: $18.95


Maximillian is just another 11-year-old lucha libre fan. He goes to the matches, watches the movies and collects the masks of his favorite wrestlers, especially the Guardian Angel. But when he tumbles over the railing at a lucha libre match in San Antonio, Max makes a connection to the world of Mexican wrestling that will ultimately link him--maybe by blood! --to the greatest hero of all time: The Guardian Angel. What was shaping up to be one boring summer before 6th grade now seems like a story straight out of Max's beloved lucha libre movies!


Un cuento bilingüe, ganador de Pura Belpré. Maximillian es solo otro fan de lucha libre de 11 años. Él va a los partidos, mira las películas y colecciona las máscaras de sus luchadores favoritos, especialmente el Ángel Guardian. Pero cuando cae por la barandilla en un combate de lucha libre en San Antonio, Max hace una conexión con el mundo de la lucha mexicana, que finalmente lo vinculará, ¡tal vez por sangre! --Al héroe más grande de todos los tiempos: El Ángel Guardian.

About the Creators

Thumb_xavier_garza Xavier Garza - Author, Illustrator

Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, author and lucha libre aficionado Xavier Garza is a prolific and enthusiastic author, artist, and storyteller whose work focuses primarily on his experiences growing up in the small border town of Rio Grande City and is a lively documentation of the dreams, superstitions, and heroes in the bigger-than-life world of South Texas. Garza has exhibited his art and performed his stories in venues throughout Texas, Arizona and the state of Washington. He has authored and illustrated fourteen books, and has received such prestigious awards as the Americas Honor Book Award in 2005, the Tejas Star Book Award three times from 2007-2010 and the Pura Belpré Honor Book award in 2012. In 2014 he was awarded both the NAACS Tejas Young Adult Book Award and the Texas Institute of Letters Children's Book Award. In 2019 Xavier Garza will be inducted into the prestigious Texas Institute of Letters. Garza lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Irma and their teen son Vincent.