Mercedes Sosa: Voice of the People

Written and illustrated by Aixa Pérez-Prado

Hardcover: forthcoming


Available 09.17.2024

A stirring picture book biography of one of Latin America's most beloved singers and political activists, Mercedes Sosa.

Have you ever heard a song that made your heart soar?

A canción that captured your corazón?

A voice so powerful that it made you feel ready to change the world?

This is the story of a singer whose voice sailed through the air like the wings of a condor,
inspiring people everywhere.

Written and illustrated by Aixa Pérez-Prado, this is the powerful biography of Argentinean folksinger and activist Mercedes Sosa. Affectionately known as La Negra, Mercedes used her musical talents and powerful voice to speak out against poverty and inequality in her home country. In the face of a cruel dictatorship, Mercedes refused to be silenced. She bravely stepped on stage to lend a "voice to the voiceless" with uplifting songs of empathy and empowerment. Her unforgettable music and messages of hope continue to resonate with people across the world to this day.

Also available in Spanish as Mercedes Sosa: La voz del pueblo!

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About the Creators

Thumb_aixa_pe_rez-prado_copy Aixa Pérez-Prado - Author, Illustrator

Aixa Pérez-Prado is an author, an illustrator, and a university professor of linguistic and cultural studies. Originally from Buenos Aires, she crafts stories that explore intersectional identities, the need for belonging, and the richness of bilingualism. In her early years, Aixa found inspiration in the powerful voice of Mercedes Sosa and was drawn to the profound messages of social justice, human rights, and compassion in her music. These messages prompted her to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery, exploring her own blended Indigenous and European heritage through the mediums of art, literature, and music. Aixa lives with her family in Miami, Florida. You can learn more about her at