My First Book of Proverbs / Mi primer libro de dichos

By Ralfka Gonzalez, Ana Ruiz
Illustrated by Ralfka Gonzalez, Ana Ruiz

Paperback: $11.95


In this playful collection of popular Mexican dichos, or proverbs, artists Ralfka Gonzalez and Ana Ruiz bring to life their most favorite sayings—recorded in their travels throughout Mexico and the United States. Filled with wisdom and optimism, these dichos are a joyous celebration of life and culture; reminding us to "pig out while you have the chance;" that "after the rain comes the sun;" and to "sing every day and chase the mean blues away."

Ralfka and Ana's exuberant illustrations vividly capture the mood and essence of each dicho. With stunning color and folk art flavor, their paintings draw us into a whimsical world where bumble bees play bongo drums and roosters sing all day. Sandra Cisneros provided the introduction to this joyous collection.

About the Creators

Thumb_thumb Ralfka Gonzalez - Author, Illustrator

is a self-taught artist whose work creates an important bridge between folk art tradition and contemporary art. Born in San Antonio, Texas, he now lives in San Francisco, California.

Thumb_thumb Ana Ruiz - Author, Illustrator

is a self-taught painter, writer and sculptor. She has also designed theater sets and organized art workshops for young people. Born in Barcelona, Spain, she now lives in San Francisco, California.