Nibi's Water Song

By Sunshine Tenasco
Illustrated by Chief Lady Bird

Hardcover: $19.95


When Nibi, an Indigenous girl, turns the tap in her house, only mucky brown water comes out. That starts her on a search for clean water to drink. Though she must face polluted rivers, unfriendly neighbors, and her own temporary discouragement, Nibi's joyful energy becomes a catalyst for change and action as her community rallies around her to make clean drinking water available for all.

The hopeful tone and lively read-aloud quality of the text open the door to conversations and action with young children, while the distinctive, delightful artwork conveys the themes of vitality, resistance, and resilience. The word "Nibi" means "water" in the Anishinaabe language, and Nibi's Water Song is as refreshing and revitalizing as its protagonist's name.

Watch author Sunshine Tenasco as she talks about Nibi's Water Song and the fight for clean water:


About the Creators

Thumb_sunshine_tenasco_2021_headshot_for_page Sunshine Tenasco - Author

SUNSHINE TENASCO is Anishinaabe from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, Quebec, Canada. She is a mom of four kids and a clean water activist. A portion of the profits from her handmade beadwork pendants go to a foundation that strives for a better environment for all. She also conducts workshops where she teaches beadwork and talks about the realities Indigenous people face in Canada, particularly around water access. Nibi’s Water Song is her first book. Visit her website at

Thumb_chief_lady_bird_for_page Chief Lady Bird

CHIEF LADY BIRD is a Chippewa and Potawatomi artist from Rama First Nation and Moose Deer Point First Nation. The first artist to create an emoji for Twitter for Indigenous Peoples Day/Indigenous History Month, she uses digital illustration, mixed-media work, street art/murals, and community-based workshops to center contemporary truths and envision Indigenous Futurisms. You can find her online as @chiefladybird.