Ruby's Whistle

By Renee Londner
Illustrated by Laurent Linn

Paperback: $9.50

Ruby can do lots of things, but she can’t whistle. After many frustrating attempts, she finally learns from some very special teachers.

Phonics Supplement
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About the Creators

Thumb_thumb Renee Londner - Author

was born in New Haven, Connecticut. After teaching elementary school for eleven years, Renee now works as an activities director for senior citizens. She loves to write stories and poetry, especially haiku. Unlike the character Ruby in the story, Renee can whistle but can’t blow bubbles with her gum. Renee lives in Somerset, New Jersey, with her husband.

Thumb_thumb Laurent Linn

was born in Dallas, Texas, and earned an MFA at Syracuse University. He worked on the hit children’s show "Sesame Street" as a puppet and costume designer, winning a Daytime Emmy Award for his work. Laurent is now a full-time illustrator. He lives in New York City with his calico cat, Audrey, who was the model for Ruby’s pet cat.