The Adventures of Connie and Diego/Las aventuras de Connie y Diego

By Maria Garcia
Illustrated by Malaquias Montoya

Paperback: $10.95


Tired of being teased because they were born with different colors all over their bodies, Connie and Diego leave the Land of Plenty. They journey through a forest and meet a big brown bear. "You can't live with us," growls the bear. Then they reach the ocean and beg the mother whale to take them into her family. "Impossible," she says. A swooping eagle loves their beautiful colors and invites them to fly home with her. But alas, they cannot fly. Finally, the tired children stumble through a scary jungle where a wise tiger helps them understand that their home is with human beings.

About the Creators

Maria Garcia - Author

was born in Kennedy, Texas in 1944. When she wrote this story, she lived in San Jose, California and worked in Oakland for the Comité de México y Aztlán (COMEXAZ) an educational research service which gathered news about Chicanos and Mexicanos in California and the Southwest.

Malaquias Montoya

was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1938. As a child he remembers following the fruit harvest in California's San Joaquin Valley and learning to draw on the paper trays which were used to hold the grapes while they were drying. "Not having anything to play with," he says, "we used the creativity we were all born with."