The Dragon Lover: and Other Chinese Proverbs

Written and illustrated by Yong-Shen Xuan

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Aesop may be the most well-known teller of animal fables, but the Chinese people have been featuring animals in their proverb stories for centuries. Each profound yet simple saying has a story behind it, and each of the five stories collected here feature animals that help readers shed light on the truths of human nature. From the lazy farmer who hopes his food will come to him to the Sheriff who claims to love dragons only to hide his own fear, these proverbs are used in everyday Chinese life to illustrate moments of humor or clarity in our actions.

Intricately and delicately rendered paper-cut masterpieces illustrate each proverb with vibrant and expressive hues, while the stories are printed in both English and Chinese. Every reader, young or old, can appreciate the meticulously detailed artwork and gentle humor that makes each story both poignant and profound.

Check out the book list and cross-curricular activities for teaching and celebrating Chinese New Year.

About the Creators

Yong-Shen Xuan - Author, Illustrator

a native of Shanghai, China, began his interest in the Chinese tradition of the delicate and sometimes tedious paper-cut technique at a very young age. He studied art at several prestigious institutes, including the Central Arts and Crafts University in Beijing. In 1990 Xuan moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, and later settled in Windsor, Ontario. His other children's books include D is for Dragon Dance and The Story of Chopsticks.