The Hero Twins and the Magic of Song: (Tales of the Feathered Serpent #2)

By David Bowles
Illustrated by Charlene Bowles

Paperback: forthcoming


Available 10.29.2024

In this graphic novel retelling of an Indigenous Mexican tale, demigod twins must use their magic of song to rescue their father and uncle from the perilous Land of the Dead. A supreme middle-grade adventure!

In the age when Maya demigods lived among us, two carefree brothers, One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu, are foolishly lured to Xibalba, the Land of the Dead, to play a game. Unfortunately, it was a one-way trip. Unable to return to the sea-ringed world above, One Hunahpu's firstborn sons must be raised by their grandmother.

Yet all hope is not lost. Down in Xibalba, One Hunahpu meets the rebellious Lady Blood, and their love leads to another set of twin sons, destined to save their father and uncle and restore balance to the cosmos. But won't be easy! Lady Blood is shunned in the world above, and the twins are taunted by their half-brothers' cruel pranks. If they choose to use a little trickter magic, maybe... just maybe... they might succeed.

Adapted from author David Bowles's retellings and translations of essential pre-Columbian texts like the Popol Vuh, the Tales of the Feathered Serpent series bring Indigenous Mesoamerican stories alive for young readers!

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About the Creators

Thumb_david_bowles_2018_for_page David Bowles - Author

DAVID BOWLES is a Mexican American author from south Texas, where he teaches at the University of Texas Río Grande Valley. He has written several award-winning titles, most notably The Smoking Mirror and They Call Me Güero. His work has also been published in multiple anthologies, plus venues such as The New York Times, School Library Journal, Strange Horizons, English Journal, Rattle, Translation Review, and the Journal of Children's Literature. In 2017, David was inducted into the Texas Institute of Letters. He is online at and on Twitter at @DavidOBowles.

Thumb_charlenebowles Charlene Bowles

Charlene Bowles is a comic artist and illustrator based in Texas. She graduated from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in 2018. Rise of the Halfling King is her debut graphic novel and her work has also been featured on the covers of the award-winning Garza Twins books. She is currently developing many of her own comic projects.