The River That Gave Gifts: an Afro American story

Written and illustrated by Margo Humphrey

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Yanava and her friends want to make gifts for Neema, the wise woman who looks after them, before her eyesight worsens. Each of Yanava's friends crafts a handmade object for Neema. Yanava is creative and thoughtful, but she isn't crafty like her friends. She sits by the river and thinks aloud about what kind of gift Neema truly needs. Soon Yanava hears the river whispering to her, instructing her to take its water into her hands. Yanava complies and finds that by washing her hands in the river, she is able to emit a rainbow of light from her fingers! The wise river has answered her questions by revealing Yanava's gift of light.

The time comes for the children to present their gifts. Yanava's friends offer their handmade presents to Neema, who is thankful to receive them but unable to fully appreciate the gifts because her vision is poor and the room is dim. After waiting patiently, Yanava reveals her gift by rinsing her hands in a jar of river water and casting vibrant colors of light from her fingers. With the room brightly lit, Neema can finally see all of her thoughtful presents from the children, including Yanava's special gift!

Margo Humphrey combines her many storytelling talents to present young readers with a unique tale about the power of thoughtfulness and the light that shines when we care for others.

About the Creators

Assets Margo Humphrey - Author, Illustrator

Margo Humphrey was born in Oakland, California, whereshe studied art and printmaking at the California College of the Arts. Afterearning her Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking at Stanford University,Humphrey traveled and taught in several countries in Europe and Africa.