The Unstoppable Garrett Morgan

By Joan DiCicco
Illustrated by Ebony Glenn

Hardcover: $20.95


"If a man puts something to block your way,
the first time you go around it,
the second time you go over it,
and the third time you go through it."

Living by these words made inventor and entrepreneur Garrett Morgan unstoppable!
Growing up in Claysville, Kentucky, the son of freed slaves, young and curious Garrett was eager for life beyond his family’s farm. At age fourteen, he moved north to Cleveland, where his creative mind took flight amidst the city's booming clothing-manufacturing industry.

Using his ingenuity and tenacity, Garrett overcame racial barriers and forged a career as a successful businessman and inventor. But when a tunnel collapsed, trapping twenty men, the rescue would test both Garrett's invention -- and his courage.

Told in compelling prose by debut picture-book author Joan DiCicco and dynamic illustrations from artist Ebony Glenn, The Unstoppable Garrett Morgan is a powerful biography of an extraordinary man who dedicated his life to improving the lives of others. 

Watch Joan DiCicco explain what you can expect to find in The Unstoppable Garret Morgan:


About the Creators

Thumb_joan_dicicco_cropped Joan DiCicco - Author

Growing up, JOAN DiCICCO loved reading biographies and was inspired by other people’s stories. She was drawn to Garrett Morgan’s story after seeing him described in an anthology of African-American inventors as the only “hero-inventor” among them. This is her first picture book. Joan and her husband live in Portland, Oregon. You can visit her online at

Thumb_ebonyglenn_cropped Ebony Glenn

EBONY GLENN is a children’s book illustrator who enjoys bringing stories to life with whimsical and expressive imagery. A passion for the arts, great storytelling, and advocating for more diverse narratives in children’s books, she aims to create art that will foster a love of reading in young readers. You can find her online at