When the Shadbush Blooms

By Carla J. S. Messinger, Susan Katz
Illustrated by David Kanietakeron Fadden

Paperback: $11.95


Today when a Lenape Indian girl ventures to the stream to fish for shad, she knows that another girl did the same generations before her. Through the cycle of the seasons, what is important has remained: being with family, knowing when berries are ripe for picking, listening to stories in a warm home. Told by Traditional Sister and Contemporary Sister, each from her own time, this is a book about tradition and about change. Then and now are not so very different when the shadbush blooms.

About the Creators

Thumb_carla_j_s_messinger Carla J. S. Messinger - Author

CARLA J. S. MESSINGER, Turtle Clan Lenape, is a cultural educator and the director of Native American Heritage Programs. She lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with her husband Allan and daughter Joy. You can visit her online at

Thumb_susan_katz Susan Katz - Author

SUSAN KATZ has written eight children’s books, including the prize-winning novel, Snowdrops for Cousin Ruth. She lives in North Wales, Pennsylvania near her grown son Demian and his family, and half a block from the local library.

Thumb_dave_fadden_no_photo_creditalt David Kanietakeron Fadden

DAVID KANIETAKERON FADDEN, Wolf Clan Mohawk, was born in Lake Placid, New York, and grew up in nearby Onchiota in a family of artists, naturalists, and storytellers. David’s illustrations have appeared in books, periodicals, animations, and on television. He also works as the Museum Coordinator at the Native North American Travelling College and helps run his grandfather’s museum, the Six Nations Indian Museum, during the summer months. David lives in Akwesasne, Ontario, Canada. His artwork is online at and