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Lee & Low Books is proud to be the nation’s largest publisher of multicultural children’s books. With the launch of our new Diverse Reading Leveled Bookrooms, districts across the country will now be able to bring more equity, inclusion, and diversity into their leveled and content-based bookrooms. We will work with you to ensure your students have access to hundreds of award-winning, culturally responsive, contemporary books at the levels they need. Email: bookrooms@leeandlow.com

Bookroom Components

All Diverse Leveled Bookrooms include:

  • Award-winning, culturally authentic books for each level
  • Both fiction and nonfiction titles to engage all types of readers
  • Digital copies of all lesson plans and Teacher’s Guides
  • 6 copies of every title
  • Can be organized by guided reading, intervention, or Lexile levels 
  • Explore the NEW Bebop Books catalog 

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Prebuilt Bookrooms:

Create a totally customized bookroom, or choose one of our popular prebuilt bookrooms:

Grades K–3 Bookroom

  • All titles in levels A–Q
  • 6 copies per title (can be customized)
  • Over 500 titles available
  • Title quantity can be adjusted to fit budgets of $500, $1K, $5K, $10K, $20K

What's Inside the K–3 Bookroom? 

Grades 4–6 Bookroom

  • All titles in levels M–Z
  • 6 copies per title (can be customized)
  • ~400 titles available
  • Title quantity can be adjusted to fit budgets of $500, $1K, $5K, $10K, $20K


What's Inside the 4–6 Bookroom? 

Grades 6–8 Bookroom

  • All titles in levels Q–Z
  • 6 copies per title (can be customized)
  • ~250 titles available 
  • Title quantity can be adjusted to fit budgets of $500, $1K, $5K, $10K, $20K


What's Inside the 6–8 Bookroom? 

Grades K–6 Bookroom

  • All titles in levels A–Z
  • 6 copies per title (can be customized)
  • ~750 titles available 
  • Title quantity can be adjusted to fit budgets of $500, $1K, $5K, $10K, $20K, $30K


What's Inside the K–6 Bookroom? 

ELL and Dual Language Learner Bookroom

  • All titles in levels A–Z
  • 6 copies per title (can be customized)
  • ~400 titles available 
  • Title quantity can be adjusted to fit budgets of $500, $1K, $5K, $10K, $20K


What's Inside the ELL and DLL Bookrooms? 


Our sales and literacy specialists will work with you and your team to create and tailor your bookrooms to your curriculum and literacy initiatives at no additional cost—incorporating:

  • reading levels
  • demographics
  • standards
  • core curriculum
  • your students’ interests and needs

Perfect for Small Group Instruction

Each title comes in a 6-pack to encourage and support intervention and small group settings. Our titles cover a wide range of concepts, themes, and interest areas that appeal to children and fit right into your daily reading block.

A Promise of Cultural Authenticity

Together with meeting the demands of education standards, Bebop Books aims to reflect and celebrate today’s classroom and the uniqueness of each student. Our diverse reading bookrooms offer a balance of gender, race, cultures, and family dynamics, with an emphasis on cultural authenticity and high-quality literature. Our list of creators includes many award-winning authors and illustrators of color.

Spanish, Bilingual, and Dual Language Bookrooms

English Learners (ELs) need the same literacy support as native English speakers. We recognize the need for quality leveled books in Spanish as well as English in today’s schools. We offer hundreds of titles in Spanish and bilingual English/Spanish titles, from reading levels A through Z. Our books are culturally authentic (including many originally written in Spanish), capturing the diversity of Latino/a experiences as well as stories from around the world. 

Lesson Plans and Teacher's Guides

All of our bookrooms come with free, downloadable lesson plans and teacher's guides. Developed by educators, our extensive, classroom-tested guides provide a wealth of practical, comprehensive ideas for motivating readers and guiding their development of effective reading strategies. We offer scripted lesson plans for books in guided reading levels A–J, including strategies for building background schema, preparing students for close reading, and fostering meaningful discussion (see an example). Our Teacher's Guides for guided reading levels K–Z offer strategies for expanding students' vocabulary and comprehension, encouraging student reflections in writing, facilitating home-to-school connections, and much more (see an example).

Curation by Literacy Specialists

Our curation team includes certified educators who research and select titles based on your team and district’s specifications. Please email us at bookrooms@leeandlow.com or call us at 212-779-4400 option 3 for more details.

Get Started!

For full price and ordering information, or to receive a sample, contact us! Someone from our Educational Sales and Literacy team will get back to you shortly. Fill out our quick online form or contact us at:

Email: bookrooms@leeandlow.com
Phone: 212-779-4400 option 3

Explore the NEW Bebop Books catalog 

Sole Source: Our Diverse Bookrooms are offered exclusively by Bebop Books, an imprint of Lee & Low Books.

Share a PDF of the diverse bookrooms here. 

ABOUT BEBOP BOOKSBebop Books offers leveled books that support literacy learning in guided reading and intervention settings—all with a strong commitment to diversity and cultural authenticity. Bebop Books provides the content and literacy opportunities you need to engage all children with authentic, effective learning experiences!

ABOUT OUR LEVELS: Guided reading levels were assigned by Fountas and Pinnell literacy experts and certified Reading Recovery® teachers. Teachers may adjust the assigned levels in accordance with their own evaluations.

CERTIFIED MBELee & Low Books is a certified 100% Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE)

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Lee & Low Books is the largest multicultural children's book publisher in the United States.
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