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Lee & Low Books is proud to be the nation’s largest publisher of multicultural children’s books. With the launch of our new Reading Recovery® Bebop Books collections, schools across the country will now be able to bring more equity, inclusion, and diversity into their classroom libraries. We will work with you to ensure your students have access to scores of authentic, culturally responsive, contemporary books at the levels they need.

These exclusive bundles of Bebop titles in English and Spanish have been compiled to fill a Reading Recovery® teacher’s library.

These titles have been field-tested and officially analyzed by certified Reading Recovery® teachers and can be found in the current approved book lists published by:

  • Reading Recovery Council of North America (RRCNA) (search for the titles on RRCNA with the publisher listed as "Bebop Books" and "Lee & Low Books")

  • Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery (CIRR)

  • Descubriendo la Lectura (DLL)

Share a PDF of the Reading Recovery® Bebop Books collection here.

Why choose a Reading Recovery® Bebop Books collection for your emerging and beginning readers?

  • authentic literature reflecting your students’ cultures and experiences

  • engaging texts written and illustrated by outstanding authors from diverse backgrounds

  • award-winning contemporary stories and nonfiction from many cultures

  • opportunities for meaningful, constructive conversations and exploring multiple perspectives

  • delightful, child-centered storylines and topics that are relevant and meaningful to young people

  • social and emotional applications appropriate for our beginning readers

Each book includes a free, downloadable lesson plan, including:

  • explicit support for differentiation instruction

  • complete alignment to English Language Arts standards

  • discussion and writing prompts for scaffolding reading behaviors and fostering critical thinking

  • support for use with English Language Learners and Spanish learners


All titles can be purchased as single copies, six-packs, or a complete set.

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Sole Source: Our Diverse Bookrooms are offered exclusively by Bebop Books, an imprint of Lee & Low Books.

Share a PDF of the Reading Recovery® Bebop Books collection here.

ABOUT BEBOP BOOKSBebop Books offers leveled books that support literacy learning in small group reading and intervention settings—all with a strong commitment to diversity and cultural authenticity. Bebop Books provides the content and literacy opportunities you need to engage all children with authentic, effective learning experiences!

ABOUT OUR LEVELS: Guided reading levels were assigned by Fountas and Pinnell literacy experts and certified Reading Recovery® teachers. Teachers may adjust the assigned levels in accordance with their own evaluations.

CERTIFIED MBELee & Low Books is a certified 100% Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE)

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Lee & Low Books is the largest multicultural children's book publisher in the United States.
We are your diversity source.

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