Chapter books are an essential stepping stone on the road to literacy. Chapter books allow young readers to linger in a story, and provide a bridge between picture books and more complex, challenging texts. But when it comes to diversity, chapter books still lag behind. Many classroom shelves and home libraries are lined with the same worn chapter book series that kids have been reading for decades, without much variety.

At Lee & Low, we believe that it’s important for young readers to have access to diverse chapter books. Our “The Story Of” series is a line of nonfiction chapter book biographies that go beyond the usual subjects, introducing readers to amazing leaders and heroes whose names you might not know but whose achievements have shaped our world.  

Every chapter book contains great nonfiction text features to support learning, including:

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Selected The Story Of Products Now Available

The Story of Civil War Hero Robert Smalls

Janet Halfmann

The Story of All-Star Athlete Jim Thorpe

Joseph Bruchac

The Story of Movie Star Anna May Wong

Paula Yoo

The Story of Civil Rights Hero John Lewis

Kathleen Benson

The Story of Car Engineer Soichiro Honda

Mark Weston

The Story of Environmentalist Wangari Maathai

Jen Johnson

The Story of Olympic Diver Sammy Lee

Paula Yoo

The Story of Banker of the People Muhammad Yunus

Paula Yoo

The Story of Trailblazing Actor Ira Aldridge

Glenda Armand

The Story of Olympic Swimmer Duke Kahanamoku

Ellie Crowe

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