Abadeha: The Philippine Cinderella

By Myrna Paz
Illustrated by Youshan Tang

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“Mother, Oh, Mother, Bathala, Creator of the Earth, Anitos, Spirits of my ancestors, Hear me and help me…”

As Abadeha wept and prayed, she saw a beautiful woman, bathed in radiant light, who appeared to take her worries away.

So go the blessings of Cinderella’s fairy godmother throughout the struggles and eventual triumphs of a young girl against her oppressors. Set in the exotic islands of the Philippines, this tale captures the mystical charm of the indigenous culture of the Filipinos. Colorful images of pre-colonial Philippine scenes, costumes, architecture, and folkways vividly enhance the enchanting tale.

This retelling of lasting value and universal appeal conveys the deep respect and reverence for nature and the earth inherent in the forever-loved story that will never grow old.

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About the Creators

Thumb_myrna_j_de_la_paz_small Myrna Paz - Author

Myrna de la Paz was born in Manila, Philippines, and grew up in a town where indigenous culture and spiritual beliefs are practiced parallel with Christianity. She later shared this world of magic and myth when she wrote and directed Bakunawa, a play based on the Bagobo people. She now lives in Los Angeles with her family.

Youshan Tang

Youshan Tang grew up in Shanghai, China, and graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Peking University with degrees in Chinese art and literature. Since 1980, Tang has made his home in San Francisco where the cultural diversity inspires his work. He is also the illustrator of Abadeha: The Philippine Cinderella and Anklet for a Princess: A Cinderella Story from India.